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Colin Cady

Colin Cady

Private Wealth Advisor

Colin is a valued Private Wealth Advisor for Current Wealth Management at First Kentucky Securities. A proud alumnus of Ball State University, Colin embarked on his career in financial services in 2017, driven by a commitment to assist individuals and businesses alike in achieving financial stability and confidence throughout life’s various stages.

Originally hailing from Ohio, Colin has embraced the welcoming atmosphere and small-town charm of Louisville, where he currently resides. Outside of his professional pursuits, he is an avid enthusiast of live music and festivals, golf, and he aspires to expand his global perspective through increased travel and exploring diverse cultures.

Colin is distinguished by his kindness, trustworthiness, and genuine demeanor, qualities that are reflected in his professional endeavors. His unwavering passion for the financial services industry is evident in his dedicated efforts, contributing to the ongoing growth and success of the practice.

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